Each identical TROPICS CubeSat is a dual-spinning 3U CubeSat equipped with a 12-channel passive microwave spectrometer providing imagery near 90 and 205 GHz, temperature sounding near 118 GHz, and moisture sounding near 183 GHz.

Each CubeSat comprises a 2U Blue Canyon Technologies spacecraft bus with an Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS), avionics, power, and communications, and a 1U spinning radiometer payload with highly integrated, compact microwave receiver electronics designed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory with receivers from UMass - Amherst and Virginia Diodes Inc.

TROPICS is a 3U CubeSat that weighs 5.34 kg (11.8 lbs)

The TROPICS CubeSat's payload is the TROPICS Millimeter-wave Sounder (TMS)
DD = Direct Detect IFP = Intermediate Frequency Processor SB = Signal Board RFE = Receiver Front End
DRO = Dielectric Resonator Oscillator C&DH = Command and Data Handling